Welcome to the UCLA Evolutionary Medicine Program!

Evolutionary medicine is an emerging field that combines the disciplines of ecology and evolutionary biology, anthropology, psychology, and zoology with medicine to create new paradigms for investigating and understanding disease. The field is growing both nationally and internationally as leaders from varying fields recognize that novel translational insights can be gained by adopting a functional perspective.

We are positioned to become leaders in this emerging field because of our intellectual diversity and excellence, physical proximity of the Health Sciences and the College, and our positive and collaborative spirit.

Our goals are to:

  1. Expose the UCLA community to this emerging field and the potential for this interdisciplinary approach to yield new hypotheses and investigational paths;
  2. Bring members from throughout campus together to engage around shared concerns and clinical questions;
  3. Provide coursework and educational opportunities to learn about evolutionary medicine at all educational levels;
  4. Support evolutionary medicine education and research at UCLA that will lead to novel translational successes.

Please explore our site and learn about what we’re doing. Feel free to contact us and to become more involved. We’re excited about our program, and we welcome more engagement.

Daniel T. Blumstein, Ph.D.   &   Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, M.D.