William Audeh MD, MS

audehMedical Oncology, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Medical Director, Cedars-Sinai Cancer Center

Tools and Techniques: Clinical cancer therapy, and cancer tissue samples; Genomic analysis and deep sequencing of cancer cell populations;


Telephone: 310-423-1188 (office)

Interests: Evolutionary Biology of Cancer, Application of Evolutionary Biology to Cancer Development and Therapy

Personal Statement:
I am a practicing Medical Oncologist, conducting clinical research with genomically-targeted therapies in breast cancer. I am also the Director of the Samuel Oschin Cancer Center at Cedars-Sinai.

Cancer develops through an evolutionary process of adaptive mutations and selection on the cellular and tissue microenvironment level, and as such follows principles of evolutionary biology and population genetics within a cancer cell population. The application of evolutionary biology to cancer medicine allows for the study and exploration of a number of critical questions: What are the selective pressures which promote the micro-evolution of cancer in various tissues within the body, and how might they be understood and affected in order to prevent cancer? Can the process of adaptation to selective pressures (i.e. resistance) caused by cancer therapy be overcome by therapeutic strategies based on principles of evolutionary biology? Are there genetic, adaptive differences between individuals and geographic lineages which predispose to or protect from cancer development?