blumsteinProfessor & Chair, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, and Professor, Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

Tools and Techniques: social network analysis, phylogenetic analysis, basic neuroendocrinology, quantifying behavior



Interests: social variation, communication, fear, anxiety, antipredator behavior, evolution, ecology

Personal Statement:
I am an integrative behavioral ecologist interested in the evolution and maintenance of social behavior, personality, antipredator behavior, and communication. I have studied birds, mammals (including humans), reptiles, fish, and invertebrates (hermit crabs and sea anemone) all over the world. My interests in antipredator behavior include understanding such things as the biological basis of fear and anxiety. More generally, I seek to share tools and ideas from one field with other fields. Previous interdisciplinary work includes working to create a field of biologically-inspired security. I’m particularly excited about how fundamental knowledge of evolutionary history and function might generate new biomedical discoveries and the contributions that insights and lessons from evolutionary biology and ecology may offer to improve public health.