tobisDirector of Interventional Cardiology, Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCLA

Contact: Ladda Douangvila 310-794-4797

Interests: Clinical cardiology especially as it relates to interventional cardiology procedures such as coronary artery stenting, structural heart disease such as closing holes in the heart with catheter based techniques, specialized imaging of the heart with intracardiac echo, or of the coronary arteries with intravascular ultrasound, optical coherent tomography, or near infrared spectroscopy.

Personal Statement:
I have always been a strong proponent for patient education so that a person can understand their body and how it is put together structurally, physiologically, and biochemically. The more people know about themselves biologically, the better they can make the right decisions to take care of themselves from a medical and psychologic perspective. Evolution is a large component of this because it helps to explain how our bodies are put together. It also helps for a better understanding of human nature and how we interact with the rest of the human tribes. Anything that will help dispell superstition will help to heal the human condition.